Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Quail, our new additions

About a month ago one of our neighbors, and elder man in his 80's announced he is moving further south, he can't handle another Kentucky winter. He didn't want to take his birds with him, Peach doves and quail, so we took them and added them to the growing collection that is the Wandering Wonderful Homestead. Several emails back and forth with the state, and reading up on Kentucky's laws proved that in order to raise and sell quail we would need a commercial license. We don't think we are ready for that yet. So for now we are keeping them for ourselves. Getting our feet wet in the world of raising quail. I have never ate quail meat or quail eggs but I have heard both are delicious. We bought a few more quail to add to the few that we were gifted, going through a licensed seller to obtain these. Here are a few pictures of our very cute quail.
Fresh from the quail farm

Hiding in the slanted corner

Moe, checking on things in the quail coop

Attempting to get their bearings

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