Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Travel Beautifully

Minimalism isn't for everyone. Some women love products, makeup and the ritual of getting ready in the morning. When you travel space is at a premium, especially if you are roadtripping. Over the years I have became an expert at applying make up in rest stop bathrooms, the passenger seat, and gas stations. The lighting can be bad, the counter-space non existent, but you learn to adapt and overcome.

At a rest stop in Virginia I once knocked my makeup bag into the sink, triggering the automatic facet and filling my bag. Two things saved this moment from being a makeup disaster.
1. I keep my makeup brushes together in a separate, smaller bag. I put this into the makeup bag last. Lucky for me, and my brushes I had already pulled them out and had them balanced precariously on the small ledge under the mirror.
2. When I travel I always put powder products (blush, eyeshadow, etc) in a small ziplock back. If a product breaks, I don't have to clean the entire makeup back, and in this case it saved my products from getting wet.

I have a makeup brush collection that rivals many Youtube Beauty Gurus. I don't pack them all for trips. I put just a few favorite go-to brushes for the trip. You really don't need 10 eye brushes, highlighter brushes, etc. Pack a few favorites, use a makeup wipe to clean them after each use. Always remember the most versatile makeup tools are at the your fingers!

Pack less than what you think you need. You may put on a full face the first day or so, but it won't last.
Don't be this person
When you get caught up in the adventure makeup will be the furthest thing from you mind. Why waste time putting on your makeup, and keeping it fresh throughout the day when there is much to see and do? Try to avoid packing bulky products, and glass bottles. Save room for all of the things you find along the way and decide to bring home. If BB Creams or tinted moisturizer works for you then great, pack that instead of foundation. I have yet to find a BB or a tinted moisturizer that was worth my money or time. I pack a moisturizer with SPF and a good lip balm, and a few basic makeup items. I love taking just a eyeshadow quad, 1 blush/bronzer duo, my go-to mineral foundation, and mascara. Less really is more.

Or this person.
Learn the art of styling your hair with out bulky tools and gadgets. Buns, braids, twist braids are all great ways to get curl and bounce in your hair without the added bulk of curling irons or blow dryers. Sleep in it, and in the morning take your hair down and fluff. Crown braids are cute and effortless styles, prefect for nearly any adventure your travels take you on.

Pack clothes you feel comfortable in, and throw in a few key pieces that shake everything up. Shorts,
relaxed dresses, items that travel well and are versatile. You do not need to bring your whole wardrobe with you on a roadtrip. I do recommend a change of shoes. I travel with a pair of casual slip-ons in a neutral color, and my favorite pair of leather sandals. Those sandals have seen me through countless roadtrips and adventures.

Just right.