Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blogs, Youtubers, and Podcasts we LOVE.

Blogs, Youtubers, and Podcasts we LOVE.

We are both in the process of learning Portuguese. I turned to Youtube for helpful videos to aid in proper pronunciation and grammar. What I found was these to fresh, enthusiastic souls. They teach the important lessons like how to say Dude in Portuguese. They turn the cameras on for their adventures on a budget around the world.  

Some of you may have heard about this podcast over Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 when Colt and his good friend CM Punk “broke the internet”. We have been listening to this wrestling podcast for a while now. Colt interviews a good mix of old school and new school wrestlers. The Wanderer and I both have fond childhood memories involving Professional Wrestling.

We have been following this podcast for a few months now. His podcasts break down homesteading tasks, giving you the pros and cons of different ways to do things. His friend and accountant chimes in toward the end of the podcast to give you a financial breakdown of the task.

The Wanderer has lost close to 100 pounds following the Ketogenic diet. We get so many recipes. We get so many ideas, and helpful tricks from the Caveman Keto website and Youtube channel.

Sew mama sew offers tips, tricks, patterns and ideas for sewing projects of all kinds. Sewing is a skill I plan on working at and becoming more proficient with. The resources at Sew Mama Sew has proven to be invaluable. 

When I need to get my creative juices flowing I head over to A Beautiful Mess. Simple as that. Want to learn how to make homemade pasta? A Beautiful Mess has you covered. Looking for tips and inspiration for redecorating you bedroom? A Beautiful Mess is your source book. Want tips on weekend adventures? Turn to A Beautiful Mess. 

At this point, everyone has heard of Pinterest, the worlds cork-board. Like most people I turn to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas from everything from tending the chickens to Sunday dinner. 

At the beginning of the year I downloaded this ap on my phone. I make it a point every morning to read a bit on one of the many plans I have downloaded on the ap. After each section you can swipe left and chat with others about what you just read.