Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Life, or something like it.

The Wanderers aunt and uncle officially became our neighbors last week. They arrived several days early with a Uhaul, a truck and a car loaded down with their worldly goods and 4 dogs. Yes 4, ranging in size from a tiny, 3 month old Shih Tzu to a St. Bernard. The farm has been overran with dogs, and we are loving it. Inigo has finally found a dog with as much energy has him. Him and Sandy the puppy have became fast friends. No worries folks, Inigo is altered and Sandy will soon be altered. 

Their new home will be just on the other side of were we garden, so they are close. I honestly couldn't imagine trying to move several states away with 4 dogs, especially one the size of a St. Barnard. Have I mentioned I am terrified of St. Barnard? Well I am, but I am managing well. 

We haven't planted the first thing yet, this spring has been very wet and rainy. We have experienced many road closures due to mud and rock slides. My yard is a riot of blossoms, the apple and cherry trees have budded out. Soon the petals will fall covering the yard with their frothy white beauty. I love spring in the hills.