Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow days

Snow started falling around 3am, by the time we ventured out to the chickens 5 inches covered the ground. Kentucky doesn't do snow. When in advance of the storm the weather station called this a "potentially historic snowfall" people flocked to the stores. Shelves were emptied. An arctic front is dropping into our area, temperatures will be near or below freezing for the next week.

The Wonder Dogs have been out to play and potty. They are now curled up on heated beds enjoying a lazy Monday.
I see left over feijoada, hot chocolate, and snuggling in the future.

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.~Andy Goldsworthy
In the vein people in Louisville, Ky attempted to organize a massive snowball fight at Waterfront park. The event was shut down, for one reason or another. 

The Wonderful Garden

Sometime last winter while snuggling up with the dog wonders and a cup of Nutella hot chocolate I mentioned to the Wanderer that I would like to plant a few tomatoes in the back yard. This idea blossomed well beyond a some Roma's. By spring our a couple acres of side yard had been tilled up and planted with a myriad of veggies and melons, yes even my precious tomatoes. An old shed had been emptied and was slowly being converted into a coop. Two brooders in my kitchen housed tiny little chicks. The Wanderer and I had thrown ourselves full force into farm life.

I have gardened off an on since childhood, and have tended chickens on occasion. The Wanderer, despite owning a pair of bibbed overalls had never farmed. A nice neighbor from up the road used his tractor break the ground for our garden. This is a great perk of living in farm country, neighbors are willing to lend a hand and offer helpful advice and guidance.

This winter we have been plotting and planning our garden, huddling up with our Baker Creek catalog trying to decide what we want to plant next. I see at least one variety of Pepper Tomatoes in our future.

~The Wonderful