Friday, January 08, 2016

Winter Car Kits

My Mamaw didn't drive. In her 66 years on earth she had never so much as sat in the driver seat of a car. But Mamaw did take roadtrips, Mamaw knew how to travel. I know that many of my idea's and hacks for roadtripping came from her. Her idea's and hacks for roadtrips came from necessity. My grandparents had 9 children and family scattered across the country.

Mamaw as very cautious about her families safety, she insisted that we keep an emergency kit in our cars, changing out some items to fit the season.

*a shovel
windshield scraper/broom
*flashlight with extra batteries
*Reading materal
*snack food (nuts, powerbars, jerky, etc)
*matches, cigerette lighter
Knit hat and winter gloves
*First aid kit
Wool blanket
tow chain or rope
cat litter or sand for traction
*Jumper Cables
*emergency flares/reflectors
Large trash bag
*Small Shovel
*Change of clothes
*Change of shoes
*Basic tool kit
*Small gas can

*denotes things I keep in the car year round.