Monday, August 07, 2017

Best Youtube Channels for Homesteaders?

I love youtube when my sister and I started Haunted Family Podcast I really wanted it to be Haunted Family Youtube. I turn to youtube a lot when trying to figure out the best ways to do certain things, for honest reviews on products, etc. Youtube can be a valuable asset to any homestead. Here are a few of my favorite channels.

Homesteading in SC
Rush Lane Farms hasn't posted a video to this channel in 2 years, but they have so many useful videos. In one video he walks you through building an incubator out of a cooler and a lightbulb. We followed this tutorial step by step to build 2 cooler-bators. We used a hard-sided plastic cooler instead of the styrofoam cooler. We get a nearly 100% hatch rate out of these cooler incubators. We have since upgraded to a cabinet incubator, but still, use these cooler incubators as our hatchers and sometimes as first step brooder for more sensitive birds.

Big Family Homestead
Okay, I seriously think that Brad from BFH my be a long lost brother to my niece's Dad. They look and act so much a like. My niece's dad was adopted so I guess anything is possible. I just seriously love this family and how real they are.  I love their meal plan videos, recipe videos, and look forward to seeing what the move has in store for them.

I am a new follower to Woodbrew, which follows an adorable young couple as they make cool, diy woodworking projects. Who couldn't use a few more woodworking skills on their homestead? Their hammock stand looks cool, maybe a little too small for our huge Mayan hammock, but we may see about expanding their hammock stand plans into something that will work for us.

You either love him, or you hate him, I personally love him. I also subscribe to his sister's channel The Fresh Princess. He often does side by side, real world test comparisons of products such as axes. His most recent series of videos is testing out the cheapest products you can find on Amazon, such as axes, knives, multi-tools, fishing poles, etc. If the need arises on a homestead, he probably has a video that deals with it.

MADE Everyday
Simply put everyone should know how to sew, in the long run being able to at least mend your clothing will save you money. MADE Everyday has some wonderful sewing projects for people of all skill levels.