Friday, March 27, 2015

Discovering Spring and Basketball Riots

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Spring has officially sprung in Kentucky. The state is in the period of chaos known as March Madness. An area of downtown Lexington has been declared an Emergency Zone. Why, you may ask? Well here in Kentucky some more energetic fans of University of Kentucky Basketball like to take to the streets after burn couches, cars, themselves. I am not much of a sports fan, and don't see the point of burning perfectly good furniture, or people over a basketball game. With UK poised to win the NCAA tournament, law enforcement and the city of Lexington is taking steps to control the chaos that will ensue. Win or lose there is nothing like a UK fan, and sometimes I don't know if that is a good thing.

major wins,

In now sporting news my sweet little Silkie hen Cottonball is setting on a nest. Most of the eggs are hers, but we slipped a few from our Barred Rocks under her. I love the sound of little baby chicks. I get excited in the spring when I walk into the farm store and here the little peeps of freshly arrived biddies. This is Cottonballs first time sitting. If all goes well I will be posting pictures of our little flock additions soon.

The dog Wonders are enjoying the lovely weather. We have taken a few hikes around our local lake enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

The Wanderers Aunt and Uncle are set to arrive any day now from Georgia. After many years away his aunt has decided to move home and is settling down on property adjacent to ours. When they arrive they plan on buying goats. I LOVE goats, I have been trying to talk the Wanderer into letting me have goats for years!