Monday, August 10, 2015

Elsewhere, or Not?

I initially had a completely different post scheduled to go live this morning. But the world of Facebook intervened. 
A couple days ago my news feed was in a frenzy over a blog post someone had found, shared and re-shared. Plans where made, adventures planned. All of my friends wanted, needed to find this place of legend and terror. The killjoy in me knew I had to get to the bottom of this and it didn't take me long. I didn't have to drive half way across the state, dig through my impressive collection of books on Kentucky history, or even venture to the library.

Elsewhere, Ky according to the story, is a ghost town in Calloway county where a school teacher poisoned all of her students, and many years later the town was abandoned. If you venture into the old school house you may never come back. I love a good ghost story, love abandoned buildings, and discovering lost things. This story had a little bit of everything. Its no wonder why all of my friends forwarded links to the story. Some wanted me to verify its existence, other wanted me to help plan the trip there. 

A quick google search lead me to the original story, posted May 15, 2015 on titled Elsewhere, KY. Go read it, it a hell of a good story. The subreddit it was posted to is for original horror stories. So while this story is a work of fiction, there are very real places of mystery and legend. I hope this story has inspired people to hike off the beaten path, and look for legends and mysteries in their own back yard. They exist. While this story is fiction there are according to Ghost Towns, 5 ghost towns in the state of Kentucky that still have buildings. Numerous other ghost towns now sit under various Kentucky lakes.