Monday, October 12, 2015

My Ghost Story

I have had experiences that I can't explain away logically.

A couple weeks before I started middle school, and met the Wanderer my grandmother died. She died very unexpectedly. My family is pretty old school southern when it comes to funerals. We believe in the old tradition of "sitting up with the dead". The night before grandmas funeral a group of was standing around the portico of the funeral home enjoying the warm night air. Suddenly an electric charge seemed to feel the air, the hair on our arms and back of neck stood on end, and then we heard it. My grandmother's sing-song voice. She called out to my uncle's wife. 3 times we heard her call her name. She was my grandmother's favorite daughter-in-law, her and my uncle met at a livestock auction. They were bidding on the same goat, she won the goat and he won her heart. 

Odd things had happened leading up to this. One aunt had heard someone coughing while she was in a bathroom stall. When she exited the stall she found herself alone. Others in our group had similar experiences that evening, but we brushed it off. We can't seem to brush off or explain away all of us hearing grandma's voice. 

Growing up our house was weird. I have already posted one story about our neighborhood, this is about our house exclusively. Sometime a couple years after we moved in dad saw a dark hooded figure standing in the hall way in the middle of the night. He kept this story from us for many years. I remember times during our childhood when we would hear something shatter in the next room, or hear what sounded like everything from our cabinets being throw into the floor. We would go into the kitchen and check, but everything was always in its proper place. I was a latch key kid and was often home alone for a couple hours every evening. At first I would sit in the living room and just listen to the sounds coming from down the hall, voices, often mimicking people I knew, trying to get me to come down the hall. Eventually it got to the point were I would sit outside on the porch, do my homework and wait for my parents to come home.

At night the blankets would routinely fly off the bed, this got to the point were I would roll myself in the blanket every night so it would stay on. I would wake to see the shapes of people in my room.

The topic of ghosts and the supernatural is always controversial. Mr. Wanderer is a non believer, I am a believer but I have no explanation as to what causes this or why it happens. 

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