Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas

Much of the eastern portion of the US was hit by  winter storm Jonas Friday and Saturday. The Wandering Wonderful homestead was buried under 16.5 inches of snow. I am thankful to report that all of our critters
 weathered the storm and are eagerly anticipating spring thaw. Snow was knee deep on my trek out to the coops Saturday morning. Our chickens are refusing to go out in the snow. But they continue to lay over a dozen eggs a day for us. We have a good flock of girls.

Many have asked me how we prepare for winter storms. In all honestly we do nothing, nothing special that is. We try to always have a stock pile of extra feed for humans and critters on hand. We always have extra drinking water on hand. We keep propane on hand for emergency heat and cooking, and oil for our oil lamps. We stay prepared, year round. Its the smart and beneficial thing to do. This wasn't technically a blizzard, we didn't get the winds necessary for it to be considered a blizzard, but we did have white out conditions for most of Friday and Saturday with snow falling close to 2 inches an hour. Snows like this are uncommon for this area, we get snow, but we rarely get so much snow at once. I have comprised a list of things you should consider doing to prepare for your next winter storm. 

~Make sure your feed rooms are fully stocked with feed and extra bedding before the storm hits
~Make sure you have ready access to water for your animals
~Avoid using heat lamps, they are a safety hazard and unnecessary if your building is dry and draft free
~Move all animals to secure, dry, draft free building before the storm hits. 
~Change flashlight batteries and charge your electronics
~Make sure your emergency kit is read, yes you need an emergency kit
~If you need to be out on the road make sure you have an emergency kit in your car. 
~Make sure you have alternative ways to heat your home, and cook.
~Invest in good winter gear, keep your feet dry and warm while out tending your critters. 

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