Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Secret Identities

Last week the secret lives of 32 million Ashley Madison users was brought to the light. Marriages have been ruined, reputations tarnished, and the Duggar's are even more embattled than ever before. By now those of
you who are interested have already searched the list. I hope none of you found your significant others on the list. Yes I ran both mine and the Wanderers names through the list, neither of us had accounts. If I had found his information on the list it would have been okay, its nothing we can't work through. But this post isn't about Ashley Madison double lives.

Several years ago a guy worked his way into our group of friends. Over the course of several years we all started noticing flaws in his life story. He would tell stories about how he grew up in one state, but his brothers, ex wife, and other assorted family claimed it wasn't true. He claimed to be Native American, but knew very little of the culture and language. Again his family, including his children claimed this was false. He insisted on being called by his "Native" name. His family had never heard of this name, and it wasn't the name they called him. His hometown, where his family lives is 400 miles away, it appears that when he moved here he started over, complete with new history. Recently his legal woes has landed him in jail and we don't know if we will ever know who he is really.

This is not an isolated incident. A family I am friends with and share a hobby with have assumed names on Facebook and within the hobby. The husband, who isn't on Facebook and doesn't participate in the hobby is the only one that isn't using a fake name. I am sure they have many reasons for wanting to keep parts of their lives private and secret.

 Many celebrities under stage names. A dear friend of mine is an author, she writes exclusively under a pseudonym event thought her writing ties in directly with her occupation.

The Wanderer and I are basically using assumednames. We have attempted to keep our real identities separate from this little space on the web. We have done this for a variety of non nefarious                                                                                           reasons.

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