Monday, July 06, 2015

Chicken Explosion

At the start of spring we had somewhere around 14 chickens. I counted our flock today and we have 50 birds. Most will go into the freezer. We have added 3 PVC mobile runs to our set up. These are super easy to make, and very easy to move. A single person can easily move one of these runs around the yard. We still have 2 brooders full of baby chicks in the kitchen. Very exciting times here on the homestead.

 We have added some Ameraucanas and Cochin's to our flock. Some of the new chicks came from an egg swap with a neighbor who also raises chickens. The white and black spotted chicken is one of our mutts, a Australorp/Tetra mix.

This is the garden. We got a late start on the garden this year. We had to run an electric fence around the perimeter to keep the neighbors HUGE St. Barnard out. This is not as big as the garden we grew last year. Part of this was because we were a month late getting the garden planted, and partly because we were overwhelmed last year trying to can and freeze everything.

This cute little bunny likes to hang out in our backyard near were we have planted our asparagus bed, and a few Hillbilly Tomatoes.

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