Friday, February 13, 2015

Serendipity, or ways we change over time.

When you wake up, and everything has changed.

You know, if current me ran into a wayward futuristic time traveller, and time traveled to 2005 and told old me "Hey, you know something, you will WANT to garden, you will WANT to raise chickens, you will WANT to live off the land..."  I would have laughed at that version of me.  

Until recently (last 3-4 years) I could have cared less about my impact on this world.  I could have cared less if a crew would have came in and clear cut the forest behind my house.  Or that I feel it was perfectly normal to hop in a vehicle and drive 20 minutes each direction to get food.  I would have thought it ludicrous to want to sit outside around a fire at night, lay in a hammock by day.

I would have not appreciated the hard work involved in taking a seed, water it daily if it was dry, and working it to harvest.  I know I could have did better with that garden this year.  Two surgeries based on my former lifestyle proved to be a major hinderance.  If you would have told me after reading all the books on raising chickens, I could somehow keep 10 chicks alive until maturity... Oh what a year it's been.

Hello,  I am just a Wanderer.  A Wanderer of the world, a Wanderer of life, a Wanderer in the most literal sense.  I am in the middle of a life changing transition.  I'm working to get healthy.  I am working for a change.  In my life.  In your life.  In the world.  We take life too seriously, to sit back and enjoy WHAT we have.  Whether you believe in a higher being, deity, power, or subscribe to a host of other theories... You cannot deny, even the plainest things on earth, have an inherent beauty to it.  I hope to show you this blog, and be able to look back upon these works myself when I am older, a journey through life.  A journey of discovery.  I love to cook, I love to grow (gardening, planting, mentally, and skills), and love to create.

The Wanderer is how I shall be known.  Because honestly, that's all I am.

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