Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hurt So Good

Road crews were out in force across my area today, attempting to dig us out from under a foot of snow. We are expected to get another 4 inches of snow tonight. I know some areas of the country get much more snow than this. I have friends in the Boston area that wish they only had a foot of snow to deal with. The last snow of this size my little part of the world received was way back in 1994. We were without power for weeks, school was out for a month. My father was snowed in a work leaving my mom, sister and I at home to brave the weather.

We dragged our mattresses into the living room, closed off every non essential room and spent our days playing board games by candle light. In the evenings we used the precious battery operated radio to tune into a request show. All of our local stations had been kick off-air by the storm, we never learned where this station was from, always seeming to miss the FCC required station ID’s.

One caller stood out, and to this day, 21 years later we still mimic her call, bring her up in conversation, and wonder aloud what ever became of her.

The request was simple. The lady, who sounded middle age, with a thick country accent wanted to hear John Mellencamps “Hurt So Good”. The DJ asked if she would like to dedicate the song to someone special and she said “My man loves it when I dance on our 3 legged table, and when I fall off it HURTS SO GOOD”

Here’s to snow days, three legged tables, and making memories.

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